Discover the top 5 attractions in and around Ickenham and Uxbridge!

Posted on Monday, 24 July, 2023

Uxbridge is a town in the London Borough of Hillingdon, England. It offers a mix of historical landmarks, green spaces, and modern amenities. Some of the notable attractions in and around Uxbridge and Ickenham include:

1. Battle of Britain Bunker: A historical site and museum that showcases the role of the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain in World War II.

The Battle of Britain Bunker, also known as the RAF Uxbridge Bunker, is an important historical site located in Uxbridge, West London, England. It played a crucial role during World War II as the nerve centre for the air defence of London and the southeast of England during the Battle of Britain.

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Key features of the Battle of Britain Bunker:

  1. Operations Room: The bunker served as the main operations room where air defense operations were coordinated. From here, air defense controllers and plotters received and analyzed radar information, coordinated fighter interceptions, and tracked enemy aircraft during the intense air battles of the Battle of Britain.
  2. Underground Facility: The bunker is an underground complex, designed to withstand bombing raids and ensure continuity of operations during the war. It was a highly secure facility and housed critical communication and control equipment.
  3. Museum: Today, the Battle of Britain Bunker has been restored and transformed into a museum. Visitors can explore the underground rooms and corridors, see the original equipment used during the war, and learn about the strategies employed by the RAF to defend against the German Luftwaffe.
  4. Exhibitions: The museum features informative exhibitions that provide insights into the history of the Battle of Britain, the key figures involved, and the challenges faced during the air campaign.
  5. Visitor Experience: Visitors can experience what life was like in the bunker during the war through interactive displays and audio-visual presentations.
  6. Memorial Garden: Adjacent to the bunker, there is a Memorial Garden dedicated to the RAF personnel who served and lost their lives during the Battle of Britain.
Source: Battle of Britain Bunker –

The Battle of Britain Bunker is an important historical site that offers a unique opportunity to learn about the critical role played by the Royal Air Force in defending Britain during one of the most significant battles of World War II. It attracts history enthusiasts, aviation buffs, and those interested in understanding the impact of the war on the local area.

While you’re there you may wish to take a walk round Dowding Park, which is located on the former RAF Uxbridge base, presents 40 acres of land to discover, featuring a blend of countryside and recreational park areas, accompanied by the meandering River Pinn. For more information on Dowding Park please visit;

For more information on the Battle of Britain Bunker and museum please visit;

2. Hillingdon Trail: A picturesque walking and cycling trail that allows visitors to explore the natural beauty of the Hillingdon Borough, which includes Ickenham and Uxbridge.


The Hillingdon Trail is a popular walking and hiking trail in the London Borough of Hillingdon, England. The trail offers a scenic and leisurely route, showcasing the natural beauty and diverse landscapes of the area. Here are some key features and details about the Hillingdon Trail:

  1. Length: The Hillingdon Trail covers a distance of approximately 20 miles (32 kilometers) from the start to the end.
  2. Route: The trail takes walkers and hikers through various parks, woodlands, nature reserves, and green spaces in the borough. It meanders through picturesque countryside, providing a pleasant escape from the urban environment.
  3. The trail includes the Ickenham Marsh which starts at the A40 and ends at Ruislip Lido.
  4. Waymarking: The trail is well-marked with signposts, waymarkers, and directional indicators, making it easy for visitors to follow and navigate.
  5. Sections: The Hillingdon Trail is divided into sections, allowing walkers to choose the length and difficulty level that suits their preferences and fitness levels. Each section offers unique scenery and points of interest.
  6. Wildlife and Nature: The trail passes through areas rich in wildlife and natural habitats, providing opportunities for birdwatching and enjoying the flora and fauna of the region.
  7. Accessibility: The trail is generally accessible for walkers of various abilities, but some sections may be uneven or hilly. It is recommended to check specific sections for accessibility information if needed.
  8. Connecting with Other Trails: The Hillingdon Trail connects with other walking and cycling routes, offering the possibility of creating longer walks or exploring different parts of the borough.
  9. Maps and Information: Before setting out on the Hillingdon Trail, it’s advisable to obtain a trail map or information guide from the local authorities or visitor centers, which can help plan the journey effectively.

Keep in mind that trail conditions, facilities, and other details may change over time, so it’s a good idea to check for any updates or additional information from official sources or local authorities before embarking on the Hillingdon Trail adventure.

For more information on the Hillingdon Trail you can visit;

3. Colne Valley Regional Park: A large park offering green spaces, walking trails, and opportunities for various outdoor activities like birdwatching and fishing

Colne Valley Regional Park is a large and picturesque area located to the west of London, England. It is one of the largest publicly accessible parks in the London Metropolitan Green Belt and offers a variety of recreational activities and natural attractions. Here are some key features and details about Colne Valley Regional Park:

  1. Size and Location: Colne Valley Regional Park covers an extensive area of approximately 43 square miles (111 square kilometers). It is situated within the counties of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, to the west of Greater London.
  2. Green Spaces and Nature Reserves: The park consists of a diverse range of green spaces, including woodlands, meadows, wetlands, and nature reserves. It is home to numerous plant and animal species, making it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.
  3. River Colne: The River Colne runs through the park, adding to its natural beauty and providing opportunities for water-based activities such as boating, kayaking, and fishing.
  4. Walking and Cycling Trails: Colne Valley Regional Park offers a network of walking and cycling trails that allow visitors to explore the scenic landscapes and enjoy outdoor activities.
  5. Watersports: The park’s lakes and water bodies offer opportunities for various watersports, including sailing and windsurfing.
  6. Visitor Centers: There are visitor centers and information points within the park that provide details about the area’s history, wildlife, and recreational facilities.
  7. Events and Activities: Throughout the year, Colne Valley Regional Park hosts a range of events, workshops, and educational programs for all ages, encouraging people to connect with nature and learn about the environment.
  8. Environmental Conservation: The park plays a significant role in environmental conservation and sustainability efforts, preserving natural habitats and supporting biodiversity.

Please note that the information provided is based on the situation as of September 2021, and there may have been developments or changes since that time. For the most up-to-date information about Colne Valley Regional Park, including facilities, events, and access, it’s best to check the official website or contact the park authorities directly.

For information on visiting the Colne Valley Regional Park please visit;

4. Denham Country Park: A scenic park with woodlands, meadows, and a large lake, providing a peaceful setting for walks and picnics.


Denham Country Park is a lovely green space and nature reserve located in Buckinghamshire, England, near the village of Denham. It offers a peaceful escape from urban life and provides various recreational activities and natural attractions. Here are some key features and details about Denham Country Park:

  1. Location: Denham Country Park is situated along the banks of the River Colne in Buckinghamshire, not far from the town of Uxbridge and within easy reach of London.
  2. Green Spaces and Nature: The park encompasses woodlands, meadows, wetlands, and the riverbanks of the River Colne. It provides a diverse range of habitats for wildlife, making it an excellent location for birdwatching and enjoying nature.
  3. Walking and Cycling Trails: There are several well-maintained walking and cycling paths throughout the park, allowing visitors to explore the scenic landscapes and enjoy leisurely walks or bike rides.
  4. Denham Lock: The park is home to Denham Lock, a picturesque spot along the River Colne where visitors can watch canal boats navigating through the lock system.
  5. Children’s Play Area: Denham Country Park features a children’s play area with various play equipment, making it a family-friendly destination.
  6. Picnic Areas: There are designated picnic areas within the park, providing a great setting for families and friends to enjoy outdoor meals surrounded by nature.
  7. Wildlife and Flora: The park is rich in wildlife, and you may spot a variety of bird species, butterflies, and other small animals. Additionally, the flora within the park changes with the seasons, creating beautiful natural displays.
  8. Conservation Efforts: Denham Country Park is involved in conservation efforts to protect its natural environment and maintain biodiversity.

Visiting Denham Country Park is an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, enjoy leisurely walks, and experience the tranquillity of the countryside. Keep in mind that facilities and conditions may change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check for any updates or specific information before planning your visit. For the most current details about Denham Country Park, you can refer to official sources or local visitor centres.

5. Uxbridge Lido: A historic outdoor swimming pool and leisure complex, offering a refreshing spot to cool off during the summer months.

Uxbridge Lido, also known as Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Complex, is a popular outdoor swimming pool and leisure facility located in Uxbridge, London, England.


Outdoor Swimming Pool: The main attraction of Uxbridge Lido is its large outdoor swimming pool. During the warmer months, visitors can enjoy swimming and cooling off in the open-air pool.

  1. Sunbathing Area: Surrounding the pool, there are sunbathing and lounging areas where visitors can relax and soak up the sun during sunny days.
  2. Water Features: The pool area may include additional water features or play areas for children, such as water slides or splash pads.
  3. Fitness Facilities: In addition to the outdoor pool, Uxbridge Lido may offer various fitness facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, gym, fitness classes, and sports halls.
  4. Seasonal Operation: As an outdoor pool, Uxbridge Lido typically operates during the warmer months, usually from late spring to early autumn. It may be closed during the colder winter months.
  5. Events and Activities: Throughout the summer season, Uxbridge Lido may host special events, swimming competitions, and family-friendly activities to enhance the visitor experience.
  6. Accessibility and Amenities: The complex is designed to be accessible to people of all ages and abilities, and it may provide amenities such as changing rooms, showers, and refreshment kiosks.

Please note that details about Uxbridge Lido, such as facilities, operating hours, and specific offerings, may have changed since my last update. For the most current information about Uxbridge Lido, including opening times, admission fees, restrictions etc, it’s best to check the official website or contact the facility directly.

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Please note that the popularity of attractions can change over time, and new attractions may have emerged since this post. It’s always a good idea to check for the latest information from local sources or travel websites before planning a visit.